chicken legs wholesale 鸡腿批发

chicken legs wholesale


chicken legs wholesale Free of: antibiotics, animal byproducts, and hormone promoters

Chicken with the skin removed has 30 to 50 fewer calories per serving.

These juicy, flavorful chicken drumsticks are best cut available you adore the taste of chicken.

Everyone enjoys a delicious chicken leg. Our 100% Australian-sourced chicken legs wholesale are simply unstoppable.

They are great with your favorite sides for a quick and simple dinner. These delicious legs cook most effectively in the oven, turning out crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside Lovely Legs – Skin Off.

It’s not necessary for quick and simple to be unhealthy. You can taste delectable, omega-3-rich pastured chicken in about 30 minutes with our drumsticks.

All of our chicken comes from Jolly Barnyard, a farm run by Samuel who committed to providing flavorful, nutritious chicken.

The hens  snacking on plants and grubs results meat that richer flavor, color, and essential nutrients. These drumsticks are not available at the supermarket.

For a quick dinner on a sheet pan, add some vegetables to the pan.

Keep frozen or in a refrigerator Separate raw meat and poultry from other food items. Follow thaw, avoid refreezing.


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